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Vinyl Fluid

About Vinylfluidrecords

Vinyl Fluid Records was conceived in 2006 but was never released until Feb. of 2009. VFR is a small online music store dedicated to the challenge of keeping physical formats of music (i.e. vinyl, cd's, etc.) alive and obtainable. With so many record stores closing down or switching over to mp3 format over the last couple years, there are some who would say that is unwise to open up a record store. Here at Vinyl Fluid Records we feel differently. We feel it is important that the artists have as many outlets available to distribute their music; especially local artists. Therefore we feel that it is our mission to always support, maintain, and distribute good music that you can hold in your hands.

We have also provided a video player on the front page of the site to showcase local talent from the NorthWest. Inside the video archive you will find a collective of music videos from artists based out of the NW region. This is one of our ways to give back and help further expose the wide range of talent out here. The video player will be updated often so check back frequently to see NEW videos as they come out.

Some of our many priorities include excellent customer service and satisfaction, affordable shipping costs, and helping support and give further exposure to local artists and musicians that we believe in. We would like to thank our future customers and friends for visiting VFR. As the site grows we will keep you updated with current information.

Thank you,
Vinyl Fluid Records

Return Policy

Vinyl Fluid Records will refund the purchase of any NEW item that is on this packing list that is returned in its original, unopened condition within 21 days of purchase. Original shipping and handling cost will not be refunded; the customer is responsible for returning product along with a brief note explaining your reason for returning it. Before processing any refund or replacement for a damaged or defective item, Vinyl Fluid Records will examine the condition of the product to determine if it is indeed defective.There is NO returns on USED vinyl. Please read the record grade before purchasing used vinyl. If you feel that an item was miss graded or a flaw was over looked contact customer service with an email below.Vinyl Fluid Records will process replacements or refunds with in 10 days of the item being received at the address below.

Please forward any returns to :
Vinyl Fluid Records
P.O. Box 821301
Vancouver Wa. 98682

Customer service inquires should be directed to