Destro Destructo - ill.ustrated

From discussing the reality of growing up in a single parent household (“Just A Dream”), to being a parent himself (“Together”), to simply flaunting his dominant mic prowess (“Eat’em Up”), this album showcases a man taking life head-on and not flinching. Fans of his work with Boom Bap Project and Oldominion will hear something both familiar and new. Featuring guest appearances from Vursatyl of Lifesavas, Toki Wright (Rhymesayers), Gold (Sandpeople), iAME (Sandpeople/Oldominion), Josh Malm AKA Redwood Son, Pricy, Candidt (Oldominion) and Sleep (Oldominion), ill.ustrated is the testament of a truly versatile mic veteran who can encompass an array of subject matter while maintaining a style that is truly authentic.

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